पहली बारिश, सुनहरी याद…..

What makes one eager to undertake a journey, to wait for the arrival of a season, to crave for a particular food, to miss and wish to re-experience a long lost relation, to repeatedly listen to a song or watch a movie? Is it because one can relive the same moment once experienced in the past? But life, as we all know, is not constant nor can it be relived so what is it that intrigues one to long for re-experiencing moments once lived? It is the ‘FEELING’ ! For it is the feeling that stays with the soul. As is rightly said that one may forget what they heard, one may also eventually let go off and forget with time what they went through but one will always remember how a particular experience made them feel.

वो कड़वे नीम की ठंडी छाँव,

गीली मिट्टी पर थिरकते पाँव ,

अम्मा की मीठी आवाज़,

गर्म पकौड़े , चाय का गिलास,

आँगन में बरसात की धुन,

टप टप करें बरसे रिमझिम,

इक पल में गुजरा नज़रों में आज,

बचपन का सुखद दृश्य वो ख़ास,

जब शहर के इस भीड़भाड़ में,

आँख मूँद कर महसूस की मैंने

मौसम की पहली बौछार !

– सोनाली बक्शी



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