माँ सिर्फ़ एक प्यारा सा शब्द नही,‘ माँ ‘ एक ज़िम्मेदारी है,तुम्हें अनुशासन शिष्टाचार सिखाती,रखती जीवनभर की यारी है,चोट लगे तो माँ कराहोदुख-दर्द में उसे पास तुम पाओ,ख़ुशी के आसीस देनेवाली है,हर गलती तुम्हारी सुधारकर,फिर चाहे डाँटकर, फटकारकर,कान खींच या पुचकारकरजिस भी तरह मुमकिन होतुम्हारे जीवन कोसही आकार देनेवाली है,जीवन भर परछाई बनपरवरिश करे, सँभाले ,अपनी छाप जो मरणोपरांत भीसंस्कारों के रूप मेंतुम पर हमेशा … Continue reading माँ

Self Respect

It’s been too many years of saying “I’m okay !” when in reality I am just not, I spent a life woven around you and yet about me you rarely thought ! Whose fault it is I say, point fingers at whom, hold accountable for this day? Is it destiny or fate, bad timing or inauspicious date? or some stars miles away mysteriously casting spells … Continue reading Self Respect

Time- An Invisible Teacher

Time will heal when it hurts,Time will tell if it’s love.At the end it will take away your pain,It will show efforts never go in vain ! Time it is that helps one decide,Its with time that one turns wise.It is a teacher who does not preach,Silently through experience life’s lessons it will teach.Time is powerful, it is the one,No matter who you are time … Continue reading Time- An Invisible Teacher