Papa Aur Main

पापा और मैं हर बार जब मैं बंबई का घर छोड़कर दिल्ली आती हूँ, अपनी आँखों की नमी को बड़ी सी मुस्कान के पीछे बख़ूबी छिपातीं हूँ । पापा कहीं मेरी उदासी न देखें यही डर मन में रहता है, आख़िर बेटी का घर बसाने हर पिता ये बिछड़ने का दुख हँसकर जो सहता है! जानती हूँ मैं तो अपने भरे पूरे घर मुड़कर ससुराल … Continue reading Papa Aur Main

Your Life Is Not Everyone’s Cup Of Tea

Now a days there are various groups on the social media where one can share their business options, their achievements, their personal problems, insecurities, concerns with parenting etc and the other members in the group are free to give their advice, inputs and suggestions. Reading through one such posts I came across a women’s personal concern in which she shared her details and asked for … Continue reading Your Life Is Not Everyone’s Cup Of Tea

Daily soap, melodrama and life….

Even in my younger days I never really was a fan of any particular TV serial. Now, that doesn’t include the cartoon series of Tom and Jerry though! It’s still on my watch list and I guess will always be. My younger days… the era of the late 90’s, those were the days when Ekta Kapoor ruled the television industry with Star Plus being the … Continue reading Daily soap, melodrama and life….