What’s behind her glow?

She was glowing differently,

a ‘change’ that all could see,

maybe she was having an ‘affair’,

cheating on her husband in despair,

people were making their assumptions,

all negative and weird presumptions,

after all, “how happy she could be?”

“What had changed so instantly?”

Least did her critics know,

their thoughts were influenced by TV shows,

where only a man could complete a woman,

make her feel worthy, alive & human,

but this was just not the case with her,

‘Self love’ was the secret ingredient sir !

that was doing the magic merry,

for glowing she didn’t require a man or bottled sherry!

Oh yes! she was glowing,

for she was truly in love with herself,

Where she found her inner peace

and self worth within herself.

She needed no permission

nor required a validation,

from this judgmental world so cruel

which pretended to be nice and real.

She was finally set free from pretense

and the burden to live properly,

she had decided to love herself,

choosing her soul above the rest,

smiling & living for once in life

truly & wholeheartedly !

– Sonali Bakshi



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