The little girl inside me

There was a weird energy in the house today. A sad gloomy one. As a part of the daily routine from the past two years, my daughter in law Sneha measured my BP but panicked as the reading repeatedly reflected as ‘error’. Something like this had never happened before. Dreading for the worst she called … Continue reading The little girl inside me

Self Respect

It’s been too many years of saying “I’m okay !” when in reality I am just not, I spent a life woven around you and yet about me you rarely thought ! Whose fault it is I say, point fingers at whom, hold accountable for this day? Is it destiny or fate, bad timing or … Continue reading Self Respect

To LIVE or to EXIST ?

Each day turns into night And night then turns to day, Years keep rolling by And life moves on its way! If you LIVE and love, you travel and indulge, you make memories in turn To reminisce and cherish. Or just EXIST and ruin the time you had And some day just silently you disappear … Continue reading To LIVE or to EXIST ?

Zamaana Badal Raha Hain !

THE TIMES – THEY ARE CHANGING…. I remember that in our childhood days, the younger ones in the house were often told stories like “we got you from the fruit seller” or “we found you crying in a dustbin near our house” ? Just for fun sake, that’s obvious, but the insecurity on their innocent … Continue reading Zamaana Badal Raha Hain !


तेरे चले जाने से…. बच्चे अपने घर बसे , माता-पिता भी चल बसें, भाई-बहन पीछे छूटें, किसे मनाऊँ अकेले में अब, कौन भला मुझसे रूठे । सूनापन दिल में है मेरे, रहने को यह ख़ाली मकान, बस यादों से भरी संग चार दिवारें , तस्वीरों से भरा एक संदूक रखा। सब एक-एक करके चले गए, … Continue reading TERE CHALE JAANE SE …

Time- An Invisible Teacher

Time will heal when it hurts,Time will tell if it’s love.At the end it will take away your pain,It will show efforts never go in vain ! Time it is that helps one decide,Its with time that one turns wise.It is a teacher who does not preach,Silently through experience life’s lessons it will teach.Time is … Continue reading Time- An Invisible Teacher

Be Careful My Child

It’s a ‘usual’ with humans, I don’t know why ! They know it’s harmful and yet they will try. The cigarettes, drugs n beer it’s tempting, oh yes! oh dear, It leads to sickness they know, but with thrill they choose to go. They say it’s cool but they make themselves a fool, For sheer … Continue reading Be Careful My Child

आजा मेरी प्यारी चिड़िया !!

चूँ-चूँ-चीं-चीं करतीं चिड़ियाँ, हर आँगन में फुदकतीं चिड़ियाँ, खिड़कियों के फ़लक, रोशन-दान के आड़े, घास बुन-बुन घोंसले बनातीं चिड़ियाँ । सूरज कि पहली किरन के संग स्वर सुरीले यूँ गाती चिड़ियाँ, नन्हें राकेश के कोमल मन को खुश कर बहुत ही भाँति चिड़ियाँ । कहते थे बाबा, “ सुन लो राकेश, पंखा तेज़ न चलाना … Continue reading आजा मेरी प्यारी चिड़िया !!

घर ‘सुकून’ है !

आपके विचार में ऐसा कौनसा शब्द है जो घर कहते ही आपके मन में आता है? जो घर से जुड़ी भावना को बख़ूबी दर्शाता है? चाहे छोटा हो या बड़ा, शहर में हो या गाँव में, एक कमरे का मकान हो या दस कमरों का आलीशान महल घर घर ही होता है, उतना ही अज़ीज़, … Continue reading घर ‘सुकून’ है !


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