The Monkey And The Cat

Said the monkey to the cat, “Why do humans look so sad?, no more playing no more fun, are with life they really done?” Said the cat to the monkey, “Oh ! Life isn’t over you stinky, it’s the virus that scared them to hell, left with no option they are hiding in shell!” Confused … Continue reading The Monkey And The Cat

Haath nahi chodna, saath nahi chodna

I read this verse somewhere on the internet – राम युद्ध में तभी जीते जब उनका भाई उनके साथ था और रावण युद्ध में इसलिए हारा क्योंकि उसका भाई उसके ख़िलाफ़ था ! The verse says it all, clear, crisp and to the point. Today on International Brother’s Day I have penned down a poetry … Continue reading Haath nahi chodna, saath nahi chodna

सफ़र ज़िंदगी का…

किसने कहा तुमसे के ज़िंदगी ‘आसान’ होगी ? ये तो कभी गर्म धूप कभी ठंडी – ठंडी छाँव होगी, इसमें बारिश की सुखद बूँदें होंगी और रेगिस्तान की तपती लू भी, कभी पूरे होते सपने होंगे, कभी दिल में दबी आरज़ू भी, कभी मुस्कान भरी सुबह होगी, कभी आंसुओं से भीगी रातें, कुछ दिल से … Continue reading सफ़र ज़िंदगी का…

Aging Gracefully!

I sometimes wonder gazing at the stars,how peaceful it would be,If only we could accept ourselves the way we are!These age reversal creams and cosmetics that claim,to turn back the time and make you look like some actresses they name. But I wonder why the pressure to look like what you are not??Why not gracefully … Continue reading Aging Gracefully!

My First Day At School

Born with a silver spoon?? oh no! born with technology in hand and a world connected on zoom ! That’s the only reality, the only ‘normal’ for the children born in the past 3 years. With the nursery classes starting in an online mode and with a future uncertain as to when these children will … Continue reading My First Day At School


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