Please stop it Maa…don’t pray

It was about 5:30 in the evening on the 6th of December,2012 when she spoke hastily with her mother. “You don’t understand Maa I have too many things on my platter already to handle so don’t emotionally flatter me by this ‘I know beta(my child) you can do it’ stuff whereas in reality, as always you are indirectly expecting me to be as perfect as … Continue reading Please stop it Maa…don’t pray

“Reflection Of My Mother – माँ की झलक”

12th June, 2020 Children usually have a frank and close bonding with their mother as compared to their father. Father plays the role of a protective figure, of a hero whom they look up to but mother is more than a friend, a companion, their confidante to share secrets with. After marriage, especially for daughters, their mother becomes more special as it’s only after marriage … Continue reading “Reflection Of My Mother – माँ की झलक”