Please stop it Maa…don’t pray

It was about 5:30 in the evening on the 6th of December,2012 when she spoke hastily with her mother. “You don’t understand Maa I have too many things on my platter already to handle so don’t emotionally flatter me by this ‘I know beta(my child) you can do it’ stuff whereas in reality, as always you are indirectly expecting me to be as perfect as … Continue reading Please stop it Maa…don’t pray

Life, Death And All That Lies In Between….

It is said that death is the ultimate reality of life but ‘reality’ in which sense I wonder? The reality that it’s what I will end up by, that it will be the end of my journey, that my time here is limited or reality in a sense that I will have to loose each and every relation in my life, that each person around … Continue reading Life, Death And All That Lies In Between….

Happy Independence Day

Baat yeh bhi zaroori hai toh gaur karna ispar bhi zara janaab, Jhanda pandhra ko leherakar solah ko Idhar-udhar rakh na dena tum kisi kaagaz ke samaan, Shaan hai isme hamari tumhari, Vishva me Bharat desh ka yeh prateek hai, ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ ki ehmiyat ek din tak seemit nahi, Desh bhakti ka josh ghar ghar pohochane ki yeh Bharat sarkaar ki muheem hai ..! … Continue reading Happy Independence Day

What’s behind her glow?

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She was glowing differently, a ‘change’ that all could see, maybe she was having an ‘affair’, cheating on her husband in despair, people were making their assumptions, all negative and weird presumptions, after all, “how happy she could be?” “What had changed so instantly?” Least did her critics know, their thoughts were influenced by TV shows, where only a… Continue reading What’s behind her glow?