Hello to all you beautiful people out there!! Welcome to my blogging site. I believe there is a story in everything that we look around, only waiting to be discovered and find its existence through a writer’s expressions for the world to read.

There is a lot of strength and power in words to amuse, sparkle, inspire, motivate and connect.

My blogs are inspired by such day to day conversations, experiences, small actions happening around me, social issues that I read or see, anything and everything that connects to the writer within me and inspires me to reflect on, express and share with the world.

Writing and expressing my thoughts and feelings gives them an eternal existence beyond my life and time and so, I love to write !

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जो ख़ुशी दे तुम्हें वो ख़्याल अच्छा है, बशर्ते दिल ना दुखे किसी का तो ख़्याल सच्चा है । ज़रूरी नहीं के आसमान को छूती लंबी इमारत ही हो, जो सुकून दे दिल को तुम्हारे तो दो कमरों का मकान अच्छा है । संरचना कि अहमियत फिर क्या ही है जनाब जो प्यार भरा हो हर वो आशिया बढ़िया है । साथ अनगिनत वर्षों का … Continue reading ख़्याल

After all ‘ACTIONS’ do speak louder than words..!

My three year toddler Soham was trying to scold my elder eleven year old Mannan with a finger pointing out and a flair of fumbling half understandable combination of words seeing which, even though we couldn’t stop ourselves from laughing at first, we had to instantly when we saw that what we were considering as a harmless funny gesture was in fact offensive for Mannan. … Continue reading After all ‘ACTIONS’ do speak louder than words..!

Saat Phero Ka Saath

लेकर सात फेरे हमने वादे किए,रस्मों -रिवाजों से हम बंध गए,पर क्या ये मंडप, पंडित, कुछ घंटों के मंत्र-जाप हमें सच में बांध पाएँगे ?एक दिन का मिलाप है जो अब हम उम्र भर निभाएँगे ! क्या सच में मुमकिन है सिर्फ़ सात फेरों सेदिलों का एक पल में मिल जाना?मात्र सात फेरों से ही क्या तय होता हैजीवन का सुखमय होना? या दिये संग … Continue reading Saat Phero Ka Saath


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