The ‘perfect’ arranged marriage!

Timidly behind the curtain I stood,

tensed and unconfident my demeanor looked,

holding a tray I had to walk out,

head down, gentle smile though in reality I could shout !

The entire family had to approve of me mummy said,

“Behave appropriately don’t giggle or stare!”

I wondered how artificial this all looked,

for I was neither so shy nor that ‘good’ a cook,

nor was I always happy to be just homely,

I too had my issues and threw tantrums solely !

But surprisingly that evening,all that was important,

was to create a good impression and be on toes following caution,

and just like me I thought he might be perplexed and struggling too,

to create an impression apparently untrue,

of being perfect, strong, successful and obedient ,

even though being moody or unorganized is also a human ingredient,

So also is failing but natural at occasions and times,

maybe he too is stuck in this social gimmick and shares a few flaws just like mine !

Only if we could begin being more genuine and real,

for this is for life long not temporary as is clear,

so might as well unburden ourselves

from the pressure of being unrealistically perfect,

just be as we are

and be accepted non-judgmentally, with respect !


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