HFHS class group – Holy Family High School, our batch of 1998.


A regular bunch of students who attended the school, sometimes serious but at times they fooled,

learnt their lessons, did their pranks, some excelled, some just passed, some were average, some failed in exams.

We all are very common, absolutely normal,

just like any other person next door,

no less no more!

but we were put together in a batch, in this life journey we were meant to support each other and catch,

when we were in our unpolished forms, we were innocent children back then,

who eventually with time learnt to face the storm.

With Neha’s passing away life did convey,

a lesson so strong which we ignored each day,

it’s necessary to look out, to be in touch,

that’s what friends do, it’s not asking for too much?

If not with all, at least a few, after all since childhood together we grew!


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