Out in my garden

On the green grass,

I found a caterpillar

Weak and lost.

Quickly I picked it

Planted it on my shrub,

And there it stayed

Grew healthy and tough.

I looked after it for hours

I looked at it each day,

I fell in love with it

It took my tensions away.

Then one day my caterpillar

I just couldn’t find,

It had gone into its cocoon

To transform its life.

I worried and worried

Thought will I ever see,

My caterpillar who brought

So much love to me.

And one fine day

To my pleasant surprise,

My caterpillar turned into a butterfly

just right in front of my eyes.!

And away it flew

in the sky,

To experience a new journey

In a transformed life.

The sight of its growing

was so endearing to see,

As if its freedom

gave new wings to me !

– Sonali Bakshi



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