Soham Aur Modiji Ki Dastaan

For those who would have heard from me about the earlier incident, this might sound like a sequel of the earlier one in Soham’s life… to briefly update in “PART ONE” of Soham’s real life experience about 5 months back when Soham got down at Janakpuri West metro station he was taken aback by surprise to see non other than our respected Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi ji there.

With full enthusiasm he exclaimed, “yeh toh Modiji hi aagaye !!”. I asked him to lower his voice and told him that it’s just a life size hoarding, “unki photo hai Soham, vo sach me yaha nahi hai !” What followed next was totally unexpected for me. He said, “ohh main samajh gaya, Modiji guzar hi gaye honge shayad”. Shocked to hear his response I immediately placed my hand on his mouth and asked him what made his say so.
With full confidence and total innocence of a four year old he replied, “vo photo me hai aur is duniya me dikh nahi rahe toh guzar hi gaye honge na”.

Soham lost his dadu due to covid in April 2021. He just saw dadu going to the hospital from home and then never coming back. During the rituals that followed for his Shanti puja Soham saw him in a photograph only. It took him a few months to understand and decipher after initial repeated questioning for many days about where is dadu and when will he return, to finally understand that he will never come back. One fine day he himself had told me that, “dadu guzar gaye hai na, mujhe pata chal gaya”. Maybe he overheard about it in our conversations at home, maybe he deciphered it seeing dadu’s photo on the wall next to dadi and nani, I don’t know how as I never spoke to him about his dadu’s passing away in words directly yet for his four year old mind he put all of it together to understand that dadu is no more.

Coming back to the metro station incident, I made him understand that not all people whom you see in photographs but can’t meet in person are dead. Modiji is a person of importance, he is our Prime Minister and has a lot of work to do and so he cannot be met in person by us but he is safe, sound, healthy and will live a long long life to lead our country.


On this Monday when we boarded the metro at Dwarka sector-14 to come back home from his school, Soham’s happiness knew no bound. Sitting right in front of him was none other than Modiji in person!!! He excitedly said, “Mummy yeh toh Modiji hai!”. I placed my hand on his mouth again this time to make him keep quiet. I told him , “yeh Modiji nahi hai Soham, aise kuch bhi mat bola karo”. Getting cautious he immediately said, “ sorry, sorry, sorry mumma”. A person sitting across us was overhearing our conversation and laughed. He said to me, “ madam why are you hushing him down like this? Don’t you think it is a matter of appreciation that such a small child knows who Modiji is? Very good beta, very good”, he said to Soham. I hugged Soham and told him that I am proud of him for knowing who Modiji is to which he sheepishly smiled. For the record the person whom he thought to be Modiji was actually having white hair, a white moustache and a beard which did give him a resemblance to our beloved Prime Minister ji.

God knows when and how he will get to meet Modiji in person but I guess someday he definitely will. Vo kehte hai na kisi cheez ko dilse chaho toh puri kaaynaat aapko usse milane ki koshish me lag jati hai, so umeed, picture aur zindagi…. Teeno hi abhi baaki hai mere dost! Until Soham meets Modiji someday…. 😊

– Sonali Bakshi


Please note no offence of any sort is intended to anyone’s feelings through this post nor any publicity is sort using the name of any political person or party directly or indirectly. I was amazed and proud at how a four year old is fascinated by our beloved prime minister and how he is trying to find him in person which made me put these real life incidents into writing.


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