जीवन क्या है?

माँ के आँचल में पनपने से माँ के आँचल को तरसने का सफ़र, ख़ुद माँ के आँचल को तरसके भी अपने बच्चों का आँचल बनने की एक अनोखी डगर। पापा को हीरो समझने से पापा को बातें समझाने का सफ़र, और स्मरण में पापा की यादें बसाए अपने बच्चों का हीरो बनने की अनुभवी डगर । मन के किसी कोने में बचपन को संजोए हुए … Continue reading जीवन क्या है?

Haath nahi chodna, saath nahi chodna

I read this verse somewhere on the internet – राम युद्ध में तभी जीते जब उनका भाई उनके साथ था और रावण युद्ध में इसलिए हारा क्योंकि उसका भाई उसके ख़िलाफ़ था ! The verse says it all, clear, crisp and to the point. Today on International Brother’s Day I have penned down a poetry on the feelings of a brother who’s brother is not … Continue reading Haath nahi chodna, saath nahi chodna

Knock, knock!! It’s me……

That’s how one knows when a guest arrives, right? They ring the door bell, they knock at your door, inform you in advance that they will be coming. We had a guest too for almost a month but this one came unannounced, crept into our home and took away a family member too! Forever….. Yes, we too experienced Corona, so closely this time that we … Continue reading Knock, knock!! It’s me……

Idealistic, Pessimistic,Optimistic or Realistic, which one are you?

There is a quote which says that ‘the one who apologizes first need not be wrong always, it maybe that the person values the relationship more than proving himself right and the other person wrong’. Today I came across another quote online which read ‘For too much of my life I have apologized when I wasn’t wrong, all to make a situation better. I’m not … Continue reading Idealistic, Pessimistic,Optimistic or Realistic, which one are you?