Life, Death And All That Lies In Between….

It is said that death is the ultimate reality of life but ‘reality’ in which sense I wonder? The reality that it’s what I will end up by, that it will be the end of my journey, that my time here is limited or reality in a sense that I will have to loose each and every relation in my life, that each person around me is on limited time too and that sooner or later there will come a time when we won’t have each other?

For whom does it become more difficult then ? For the one who has to leave everything and everyone behind and depart or for the one who has to loose and stay back in the same world, with the same things, with everything just the same, only difference being that now along with everything and everyone else there will exist a huge void, a big vaccum in their hearts and lives of not having that one person with whom all of it made sense?

Each one around us, each soul we cross paths with, each relationship we have are meant to give meaning to our life journey. It is rightly said that life is a continuous process of learning for as long as we live we learn and once we stop living our learning and knowledge is all that goes along with us beyond. Life is temporary and precious, make the most of it as far as you can, learning, living, inspiring, motivating and evolving to the fullest as death is the ultimate truth we all will have to see someday but until that day comes make a life you will love, cherish and enjoy leaving no space for negative thoughts and emotions to exist, make a life that others will feel happy to be associated with, a relationship others will feel blessed to have known for that my friend will be your true earning through this journey called ‘ LIFE’

-Sonali Bakshi

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