Self Respect

It’s been too many years of saying “I’m okay !” when in reality I am just not,

I spent a life woven around you and yet about me you rarely thought !

Whose fault it is I say, point fingers at whom, hold accountable for this day?

Is it destiny or fate, bad timing or inauspicious date?

or some stars miles away mysteriously casting spells on my life in a preposterous way?

Wiping my tears, a good look in the mirror I took,

In the beaming reality my heart trembled ! , my soul shook.

It was me all this while, me at fault all the way !

For each time you ignored or mistreated me I gave you another chance thinking some day it will be all okay.

I let this happen, I should have stood up with courage and might,

For when I myself failed to respect me

Who else in the world would, right?

Self respect isn’t a luxury nor its arrogance as misconstrued sometimes ,

It’s basic to one’s existence, to value and nurture it should have always been prime !

– Sonali Bakshi



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