Self Respect

It’s been too many years of saying “I’m okay !” when in reality I am just not, I spent a life woven around you and yet about me you rarely thought ! Whose fault it is I say, point fingers at whom, hold accountable for this day? Is it destiny or fate, bad timing or inauspicious date? or some stars miles away mysteriously casting spells … Continue reading Self Respect


समय-समय पर रिश्ते बनते हैं, अकस्मात् ही पंछी बन उड़ जाते हैं, ‘मिलना’ चाहें हम ख़ुद चुनते हैं, बिछड़ने पर नियंत्रण किसी का न रहे । जिसकी न की हो कभी कल्पना, अनुभव उसका हर रोज़ करवाती हैं, ये किताब नहीं ज़िंदगी हैं साहब ये अलग ही रंग दिखलाती हैं । सही-ग़लत, काला- सफ़ेद, भिन्न प्रकार हैं, हैं भेद कई, पर जीवन का आचरण है … Continue reading ज़िंदगी

Blended Shades Of Equality

Pink for me and blue for you, What’s the difference between the two? In dark or light, bright or pale, They are just colors, all the same…! So are the colors black and white, Who decides the beauty of its sight? It’s in your outlook, it’s in your view, It’s in the impression That you carry within you..! Not many of us would be comfortable … Continue reading Blended Shades Of Equality

In Pursuit Of Happiness……..!

Whats the first thought that comes to your mind when you look at a smiling child or a beautiful flower or a deliciously tempting favorite meal or maybe a naturally scenic place ?? It’s “wow” ! Right? A feeling of happiness that the sight of these things bring around in you. On the other hand what feeling does a rotten, stale thing or the sight … Continue reading In Pursuit Of Happiness……..!

Acceptance- The First Step To Recover

15th June, 2020 Depression, a “hush-hush” word which even though any of us or our family member might be going through, no one really would want to admit or share, out of the sheer fear of being socially judged and looked differently at. There are people and families who quietly endure the suffering only to avoid the social stigma and maintain a “normal, acceptable image’ … Continue reading Acceptance- The First Step To Recover