To LIVE or to EXIST ?

Each day turns into night

And night then turns to day,

Years keep rolling by

And life moves on its way!

If you LIVE and love, you travel and indulge,

you make memories in turn

To reminisce and cherish.

Or just EXIST and ruin the time you had

And some day just silently you disappear and perish !

It’s all in your hands, it’s in the choices you make

It’s your own story, you either build or you break !

So my dear be wise, please pause for a while

Don’t you keep running in a weird rat race,

It’s your journey, only yours to live,

By your own choice and at your own pace !

– Sonali Bakshi



2 thoughts on “To LIVE or to EXIST ?

  1. Unnoticed and un-consulted, a person becomes invisible. It’s not always their choice. Some endeavor to be clever and they’re not. Some would offer their love but they’re refused. Bitter and sour memories collect and their life is in a pickle. There’s no meat to their sandwich and they only have one slice of bread, but they say, “Let them eat cake.” If it’s not in the time of a propitious revolution, they never have a chance to live or be seen.

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    1. Agreed… that is a reality of life too. I didn’t mean to write down anything judgmental or opinionated. I hope my poetry hasn’t come across like that. What I wrote was more about we being so engrossed in making a life that we tend to forget to ‘live’ and in the process end up just existing.

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