Patzhad – Bahaar

The Government in its rightful endeavor to keep people grounded to reality has been repeatedly broadcasting the truth of the time that -“Lockdown gaya hai, Corona nahi” (Only lockdown is not imposed, Corona virus is still around as it was). In every phone call too Amitabh Bacchanji’s voice is reminding all of us that prevention is better than cure. Each day the newspaper has been publishing an increasing number of cases reported and a spike in fatality rate. This week around the festival of Diwali Delhi saw the highest number of cases reported and number of deaths in a single day.

Despite all the gloominess and mixed feelings that we all are going through due to this Pandemic, India celebrated Deepavali – the Festival of Lights with much enthusiasm and positivity. Houses were beautifully decorated with lamps, lights, rangoli and flowers and prayers were said with complete faith that as Deepavali marked the return of Lord Ram to Ayodhya, marked an end to his 14 years long exile, so shall the Almighty take away the problems of this pandemic and bless the world with much needed peace, happiness, wellness and positivity with this year’s ‘Festival of Lights’!

This pandemic phase is also a very strong reminder for all of us that our biggest threat is ‘we’ ourselves and only ‘we’ can save ourselves from it as it’s only between human to human now, the animals, plants and other living beings are not playing any role in either increasing or decreasing the spread of this dreadful disease. The onus is resting completely on the shoulders of humans themselves.

With winters fast approaching, there comes around a bigger mental problem of depression and anxiety which has already been in the news throughout the year and has seen an all time high due to the on going pandemic phase.

Do look out for your loved ones, the elders & children alike, hold each other’s hand and sail through this difficult phase, for once this time is through we shall go back to normalcy again but till then we have to take care, stay strong, stay positive and spread happiness and positivity around.

My poetry -Patzhad Bahaar is a reflection of my thoughts and emotions based on the season change and the present phase that we are going through and to convey a positive message – “ सब्र कर ये मोड़ है अंत नहीं, इस अल्पविराम को जीवन का पूर्णविराम न बनने दें!”( Keep patience, its just a bend, not the end of the road. Please don’t let this comma turn into a full stop of our lives)

पतझड़ – बहार

ये पतझड़ के पत्ते क्या कहते है हमसे?

बदलाव ही सृष्टि का नियम है

वक़्त रूकेगा न थमके !

आज पीले बन कर जो गिर रहे है,

कल हरे बन फिर से खिल आएँगे,

बहारों कि हवाओं संग मस्ती में लहराएँगे,

बस मुश्किल वक्त के गुजरने का करना होगा

हिम्मत और सब्र से इंतज़ार

ठंड के मौसम का सहना होगा डटके प्रहार,

विश्वास रखना होगा इस परम सत्य में पूरा

के दिन बिन रात का अस्तित्व अधूरा

मौसम बदलेगा बहारें ज़रूर आएँगी

नये जीवन के ताज़ा मुस्कान को

अपनी कठोरता से हरा ना पाएँगी ।

– सोनाली बक्क्षी



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