सफ़र ज़िंदगी का…

किसने कहा तुमसे के ज़िंदगी ‘आसान’ होगी ? ये तो कभी गर्म धूप कभी ठंडी – ठंडी छाँव होगी, इसमें बारिश की सुखद बूँदें होंगी और रेगिस्तान की तपती लू भी, कभी पूरे होते सपने होंगे, कभी दिल में दबी आरज़ू भी, कभी मुस्कान भरी सुबह होगी, कभी आंसुओं से भीगी रातें, कुछ दिल से जीएँ क़िस्से कहानियाँ, कई अनकही अधूरी बातें, जैसा भी आएगा … Continue reading सफ़र ज़िंदगी का…

Life – A reflection of your choices

No ! life isn’t a puppetry show as projected by a handful few, nor is it a scripted drama where some director will give you a cue. Rather it’s seems like a virtual game where you survive by the skills you gain, no there are no free lunches in the world, for your victory you face the pain. To win over the challenges and hurdles, … Continue reading Life – A reflection of your choices

Of pencil skirt, high heels and dreams to relive

Packing all the stuff for Tanya to take with her to the US, Darshana was arranging a few things in the bed storage when she happened to find her long lost love. Her pencil skirt. It had been years now since she wore one but her love for it never really allowed her to give it away either. It fit perfectly back then, highlighting the … Continue reading Of pencil skirt, high heels and dreams to relive

Patzhad – Bahaar

The Government in its rightful endeavor to keep people grounded to reality has been repeatedly broadcasting the truth of the time that -“Lockdown gaya hai, Corona nahi” (Only lockdown is not imposed, Corona virus is still around as it was). In every phone call too Amitabh Bacchanji’s voice is reminding all of us that prevention is better than cure. Each day the newspaper has been … Continue reading Patzhad – Bahaar

Whose fault is it anyways ?

Have you come across someone who has gone through a broken marriage or a difficult relationship, had a miscarriage or is still finding it difficult to conceive, is still single or is going through any other such ‘not so fortunate’ experiences of life on their personal front as seen through the eyes of the society…? So the first thought that crosses one’s mind when they … Continue reading Whose fault is it anyways ?