Oh my God ! You cried??

Your tears you couldn’t hide?

You must be as strong as you can,

After all you are a MAN!

A family’s head, yes! that’s who you are,

You must be successful in career, must know to drive a car.

Now look, sit properly,

You must dress appropriately.

Don’t speak loudly, don’t you giggle,

Stay in limits, with boys don’t mingle!

You must know to cook and sew,

Must be good looking and multitalented too,

Multitask without complain,

Oh no! Don’t show your pain.

No matter through what you stride,

You are a WOMAN, your emotions you must hide !

Oh ! Come on, give us a break,

Our life decisions please don’t dictate,

How to dress, how to behave,

What values to inculcate.

Please stop this STEREOTYPE

Stop creating this gender hype!

Stop categorizing us as MAN or WOMAN,

Let us breathe freely and survive as humans!


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