Love, Life, Marriage

“I don’t think it will be easy for you beta(my child), think twice before stepping into this”, Supriya’s mother’s words were echoing in her mind over and over again. Especially after her daughter Ruhi was born things had changed a lot for her in the Malhotra house. What affected her the most was the indifference in the attitude of Ajit. Ajit and Supriya had known … Continue reading Love, Life, Marriage

My husband DOES NOT complete me

Cutting their 25th marriage anniversary cake together Pradeep and Smita’s eyes gleamed with happiness. It had been such a long journey together. All eyes were on Smita as she took the mic to address the guests. Her lovely one piece dress complimented her shape. She did look stunning and breathtakingly fit for a mother of two. As she thanked each and every person who made … Continue reading My husband DOES NOT complete me

मेरी विदाई

सात फेरे लेकर, मुझे कन्यादान में देकर, बेटी से बहूँ बनते ही मेरी विदाई हो गई, जिनकी थी मैं राज दुलारी, प्यारी बिटिया, लाड़ों रानी, बनके उन्हीं की आँखों का पानी क्षणभर में देखो मैं पराई हो गई ! पापा कहते थे मैं हूँ प्यारी गुड़िया आँगन की चूँ-चूँ करती चिड़िया, उनके जीवन का मैं हूँ अभिमान, मुझमें ही बस्ती है उनकी जान । माँ … Continue reading मेरी विदाई

कौन बदलाव लाएगा?

नारी का जन्म भारत देश में वैसे तो सम्मान हैं, कुमारिकाएँ यहाँ पूजी जाती हैं, शक्ति रूपिणी माता रानी को मानते हम भगवान हैं । नवरात्रि का पर्व मनाते हैं हम साल में दो बार, मानते हैं माँ के आशीर्वाद से जग में है मुमकिन हर चमत्कार! बेटा भाग्य से मिलता हैं पर सौभाग्य से ही बेटी मिलती है सोश्यल मीडिया में ऐसे चर्चे कई … Continue reading कौन बदलाव लाएगा?

Darling fold your bedsheet please !!

With homeschooling being the best possible option during the present Pandemic time, I thought I must introduce my three year old Soham to take an interest in books. One of the books I ordered through Amazon was ‘Bruno put your toys away’. Bruno, the character of the book irresponsibly leaves his toys on the floor after playing and his grandfather falls stepping on one of … Continue reading Darling fold your bedsheet please !!