On a lighter note, from a child’s perspective, a mother is very confusing to understand at times I must say! She gets angry at you when she is actually worried and is scolding you at times when she actually cares. She cries when she is happy to see you succeed and she is rock solid strong in your situation of despair ! That’s a mother!! 😊

As time passes and children grow up it’s a constant process of change and struggle within her heart to gracefully step back from being ‘the most important person’ in their lives to letting them survive and shine as an individual in their personal space. Yet while doing so, at each stage of raising her children, she has to ensure to make them capable and strong enough to survive, to fight, to look out for themselves, to succeed, to live independently and wholeheartedly.

Here’s a poetry depicting a mother’s life –


For one day from my arms, through the cradle and the walker,

you slowly left my finger, walked alone, became a jogger !

Learnt to juggle with life’s responsibilities and situations,

make your mark and take decisions,

And for every step you took ahead, I gracefully took one behind,

for I was your well wisher, your mother, your nurturer and your guide.

It’s a tough job being a mother, out of experience this I share,

for till she’s alive her heart beats for her children,

the only ones for whom

she can never stop to care.

– Sonali Bakshi

25th February, 2021

Dedicated with love & regards to all the beautiful mothers in the world ❤️


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