Can I Be A Butterfly Please….

As toddlers explore the world and learn new words and observe things around them, they apply their imagination to everything and come up with beautiful thoughts full of innocence which never fails to leave a mark in the hearts of their families. Every child has some dream, some role model, some position they wish to achieve or what they want to become when they grow … Continue reading Can I Be A Butterfly Please….

Papa Aur Main

पापा और मैं हर बार जब मैं बंबई का घर छोड़कर दिल्ली आती हूँ, अपनी आँखों की नमी को बड़ी सी मुस्कान के पीछे बख़ूबी छिपातीं हूँ । पापा कहीं मेरी उदासी न देखें यही डर मन में रहता है, आख़िर बेटी का घर बसाने हर पिता ये बिछड़ने का दुख हँसकर जो सहता है! जानती हूँ मैं तो अपने भरे पूरे घर मुड़कर ससुराल … Continue reading Papa Aur Main

Cockroach, Cockroach Lying On The Floor

Today morning when we woke up my three year old Soham was dancing around, “MUMMA susu, MUMMA susu!!” So we both rushed to the washroom where on the floor was lying a dead cockroach. Seeing it Soham was reluctant to step in and said, “ yaha toh cockroach hai, hum kaise jayenge?” ( There is a cockroach here, how will we go in there) I … Continue reading Cockroach, Cockroach Lying On The Floor