My Precious Child ❤️

Daughters love you differently ! they say,But don’t sons do that too?Being a parent itself is so lovely a journey ,Let’s stop differentiating between the two! Highlighting one, overshadowing the other,Is so unfair, go ask a mother,Who goes through the pregnancy, bears the pain,The efforts to raise them is just the same. The gender of your child can’t really limit the love a child can … Continue reading My Precious Child ❤️


माँ सिर्फ़ एक प्यारा सा शब्द नही,‘ माँ ‘ एक ज़िम्मेदारी है,तुम्हें अनुशासन शिष्टाचार सिखाती,रखती जीवनभर की यारी है,चोट लगे तो माँ कराहोदुख-दर्द में उसे पास तुम पाओ,ख़ुशी के आसीस देनेवाली है,हर गलती तुम्हारी सुधारकर,फिर चाहे डाँटकर, फटकारकर,कान खींच या पुचकारकरजिस भी तरह मुमकिन होतुम्हारे जीवन कोसही आकार देनेवाली है,जीवन भर परछाई बनपरवरिश करे, सँभाले ,अपनी छाप जो मरणोपरांत भीसंस्कारों के रूप मेंतुम पर हमेशा … Continue reading माँ

Zamaana Badal Raha Hain !

THE TIMES – THEY ARE CHANGING…. I remember that in our childhood days, the younger ones in the house were often told stories like “we got you from the fruit seller” or “we found you crying in a dustbin near our house” ? Just for fun sake, that’s obvious, but the insecurity on their innocent faces on hearing such stories and the precious eye to … Continue reading Zamaana Badal Raha Hain !