A Gift That Paved The Way To A Woman’s Heart

It was Mahesh and Priya’s anniversary today and over the lunch all his colleagues were pouring in ideas about the gift Mahesh could give her to make it a special one today.

“A fine piece of jewelry will be nice”,said Subhash to which Mahesh jokingly retorted that he would have to sell his kidney to buy one given the sky piercing price of the gold in the market.

“Arre rose ka bouquet aur cake leke jaa, (take a bouquet of roses and a cake) women usually find that very romantic, haven’t you seen it in the movies?”, said Parminder. “Now that would be too simple and light on my pocket as well but for our first anniversary it would really not be grand you see, besides I think she would have arranged for the cake with the dinner already”, said Mahesh.

Pankaj said, “take it from a man of experience tu jo bhi leke jayega na usme kuch na kuch problem hi nikalegi , (no matter whatever you take it wouldn’t be perfect) I have been married for 15 years now my friend, trust me I know!”

All of them were joking and laughing on one suggestion after the other while their colleague Suhani was listening to their assumptions and conversation quietly. “How little did men really know about women !”, she thought to herself. As she was smiling over her thoughts Mahesh took her by surprise, suddenly putting the ball in her court he quizzed, “so Suhani madam what do you think, kya lekar jau?” (What should I take for her?)

Suhani smiled and said, “Mahesh what you take for Priya as a gift today is totally your personal choice, but if you ask me I would say that for today evening once you reach back home please keep your phone switched off, leave the news channel and put on some songs, wear a smile on your lips and your heart on your sleeves and give her your undivided attention, priority and time. Cook together, eat together and spend time just with each other, treating her special in your actions and behavior will be the precious and priceless gift for her”.

Pankaj quickly said, “what about treating the husband special too, atleast once in a while?” Suhani replied, “Of course Pankaj I completely believe and support gender equality and there should be mutual love and respect in the relationship but I would definitely want to share one thing with you that when a woman leaves behind her family and marries a man she does so because just like a man she too is starting a new life with a life partner, it’s not because she didn’t have parents or didn’t have her siblings or relatives or a home to live in, it’s her husband for whom she leaves behind those whom she already had and comes to a new set of family and relations suddenly addressing his parents, relatives and siblings as her own. Priya, like any other newly wed bride is already treating Mahesh special in that aspect. The materialistic gifts that he showers her with, I know she will enjoy for certain time, that’s for sure but the feelings and emotions, the priority, attention and time he gives to her will be cherished by her for her lifetime”

Understanding the essence of what Suhani suggested Mahesh’s eyes gleamed with a shine for he had prepared his mind about the special gift he would be giving Priya for the rest of their lives together.


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