Saat Phero Ka Saath

लेकर सात फेरे हमने वादे किए,रस्मों -रिवाजों से हम बंध गए,पर क्या ये मंडप, पंडित, कुछ घंटों के मंत्र-जाप हमें सच में बांध पाएँगे ?एक दिन का मिलाप है जो अब हम उम्र भर निभाएँगे ! क्या सच में मुमकिन है सिर्फ़ सात फेरों सेदिलों का एक पल में मिल जाना?मात्र सात फेरों से ही क्या तय होता हैजीवन का सुखमय होना? या दिये संग … Continue reading Saat Phero Ka Saath

Ehsaas – एहसास

सर्द सा मौसम, बारिश की बूँदें, शीशे पर जमा वो ओस का पानी, मिट्टी की ख़ुशबू फूलों की महक, डाली पर फुदकते पंछियों की चहक बरामदे में बैठे संग हम और तुम अदरक के चाय की प्याली में गुम नज़रों से नज़र यू खुलके बोलें इतनी बातें हो गईं दिल से बिना लबों को खोले ! – सोनाली बक्क्षी २८/०९/२०२० Continue reading Ehsaas – एहसास

Your Life Is Not Everyone’s Cup Of Tea

Now a days there are various groups on the social media where one can share their business options, their achievements, their personal problems, insecurities, concerns with parenting etc and the other members in the group are free to give their advice, inputs and suggestions. Reading through one such posts I came across a women’s personal concern in which she shared her details and asked for … Continue reading Your Life Is Not Everyone’s Cup Of Tea

In Pursuit Of Happiness……..!

Whats the first thought that comes to your mind when you look at a smiling child or a beautiful flower or a deliciously tempting favorite meal or maybe a naturally scenic place ?? It’s “wow” ! Right? A feeling of happiness that the sight of these things bring around in you. On the other hand what feeling does a rotten, stale thing or the sight … Continue reading In Pursuit Of Happiness……..!

Rebooting The Spark

Among all the relationships that we have in our life, there is this special one which outranks the others when it comes to taking a dig at, cracking jokes and laughing about. Yes ! You guessed it right, it’s the “husband-wife” relationship. Only as years pass do we realize with a stronger conviction that our life partner is our biggest support and true companion throughout. … Continue reading Rebooting The Spark