A Gift That Paved The Way To A Woman’s Heart

It was Mahesh and Priya’s anniversary today and over the lunch all his colleagues were pouring in ideas about the gift Mahesh could give her to make it a special one today. “A fine piece of jewelry will be nice”,said Subhash to which Mahesh jokingly retorted that he would have to sell his kidney to buy one given the sky piercing price of the gold … Continue reading A Gift That Paved The Way To A Woman’s Heart

Ehsaas – एहसास

सर्द सा मौसम, बारिश की बूँदें, शीशे पर जमा वो ओस का पानी, मिट्टी की ख़ुशबू फूलों की महक, डाली पर फुदकते पंछियों की चहक बरामदे में बैठे संग हम और तुम अदरक के चाय की प्याली में गुम नज़रों से नज़र यू खुलके बोलें इतनी बातें हो गईं दिल से बिना लबों को खोले ! – सोनाली बक्क्षी २८/०९/२०२० Continue reading Ehsaas – एहसास

अनकही बातें….!

नहीं कहा जो मैंने, तुमने वो सुना क्या कभी ? मेरे अनकहे जज़्बातों से क्या हुए तुम वाक़िफ़ कभी ? वहीं जज़्बात और बातें जो मेरे दिल में दबी, जो शब्दों में मैंने न कभी ज़ाहिर कीं । वो शाम ढलते ही मेरी आँखों में तुम्हारे आने का इंतज़ार, महसूस हुआ क्या तुम्हें, जो ना किया अल्फ़ाज़ से बयान? वो सब्ज़ी के छौंक में मसालों … Continue reading अनकही बातें….!

Rebooting The Spark

Among all the relationships that we have in our life, there is this special one which outranks the others when it comes to taking a dig at, cracking jokes and laughing about. Yes ! You guessed it right, it’s the “husband-wife” relationship. Only as years pass do we realize with a stronger conviction that our life partner is our biggest support and true companion throughout. … Continue reading Rebooting The Spark

Vo Daur Bhi Zaroori Tha, Yeh Daur Bhi Zaroori Hai..!

Time, it is the greatest teacher, the biggest healer, the truth reveler, the strongest of all..! It’s the most valuable part of one’s life and yet many a times it’s the most taken for granted part too.. We always think we have ample of it but don’t really know truly how much it is..! There are various phases of life that we all go through … Continue reading Vo Daur Bhi Zaroori Tha, Yeh Daur Bhi Zaroori Hai..!