Rebooting The Spark

Among all the relationships that we have in our life, there is this special one which outranks the others when it comes to taking a dig at, cracking jokes and laughing about. Yes ! You guessed it right, it’s the “husband-wife” relationship. Only as years pass do we realize with a stronger conviction that our life partner is our biggest support and true companion throughout.

Husband and wife are life partners who hold each other’s hands taking sacred vows, promising to be by each other’s sides in good and bad, happy and sad, till death does them apart.

Weddings especially are synonymous with huge budgets, grandiose celebrations, designer outfits and lots of gifts to create a larger than life memorable day for the newly wed couple. But as life moves ahead, many a times, the mundane routine, responsibilities and household chores take a place of priority and life partners end up becoming “partners in fulfilling duties only” forgetting to enjoy the small bits of happiness and moments of togetherness with each other. A relationship which started with such grand celebration begins to miss the basic flavor of living and enjoying the company of each other as a person.

Hoping my poetry refreshes the lovely memories of the yesteryear spent in your married life and bring around in present times some special moments and reasons to create new memories to cherish, reminiscence and enjoy together .!

Mere Humsafar….!
Written & narrated by
Sonali Bakshi

सुनोना ज़रा,

दो पल ठहर भी जाओ,

हाथ थाम के मेरा,

पास बैठोना मेरे ।

ज़िंदगी का सफर

तो हमीसे है,

हमसफ़र जब बने हो,

कभी “हम” बनके जीओ तो सही।

एक प्याली चाय की,

दो बिस्कुट करारे,

हो हँसी, मज़ाक़, गपशप

संग बैठे तुम्हारे ।

थोड़ासा वक्त जो बिलकुल अपना हो,

चिंता, ज़िम्मेदारियों से दूर

चुराया लम्हा हो,

जो मुस्कान लाए होंठों पर

हमारे- तुम्हारे।

सपनों से भरें मिलकर देखें कुछ नज़ारे ।

भाग-दौड़ करते-करते ज़िंदगी तो बीत ही जाएगी

घर, परिवार, बच्चे, ख़र्चे,

रिश्तेदारी, दोस्ती, बिलों के पर्चे,

सँभालते- सँभालते साँसें गुज़र जाएँगी,

जीस पल हम-तुम ही न होंगे

बस यादें ही तो रह जाएँगी ।

उन्हीं यादों में सुनहरे से पल

कुछ संजोने हैं हृदय से,

जिन पलों में बस मैं हूँ,

संग मेरे “तुम” अपने से।


18 thoughts on “Rebooting The Spark

      1. Nicely expressed.We are too busy to appreciate the most important relationship we are lucky enough to have….we sort of take it granted and stop making efforts.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you Deepika.

        Yes, we do take each other for granted. By this poetry I have attempted to give a gentle reminder to all, to pause a bit and refresh their relation 😊


  1. Nicely penned down. Beautiful thoughts.
    Marriage is a special bond made of trust, respect, love, and commitment.
    In today’s time everybody is so busy in professional field and other things that the individual has forgotten to nurture for their own personal life / bonding.
    This is something that will make everyone realise, smile and build on their relations.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Rajat.

      I appreciate your thoughts on my poetry.

      Precisely what I wanted to convey, hope after listening to it people do spend some memorable time with their life partner in daily routine as well.. 😊


  2. Very nice n meaningful….ur voice has given more impact to it with lots of loving n caring emotions….god bless ..keep it up sonali!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. अपने विचारों को सरल शब्दों में अभिव्यक्त करना कठिन होता है किन्तु तुमने बड़ी सहजता से अपने भावों को, शब्दों द्वारा, इस कविता में पिरोया है। अति सुंन्दर!

    Liked by 1 person

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