Papa, Appa, Baba, Daddy…..

God could not be everywhere so he created mothers, that’s a saying to which all of us will unanimously agree but there is one more person who may not be as expressive as a mother when it comes to emotions yet undoubtedly he too will readily put the world at your feet even before you ask for it.

He is the one who puts his life for you before himself ever since you were born, only to ensure a good life for you which is full of happiness to the best of his capacity. Fondly referred to as papa, daddy, baba, dad, appa, pitaji, baauji and by many such dear terms, this poetry of mine is dedicated to all the wonderful fathers in the world..!

माँ रात भर जाग कर

हमें लोरी गाके सुलाती हैं

तो दिन भर मेहनत करके पापा

फ़रमाइशें पूरी कर लातें हैं!

माना माँ बनना मुश्किल है,

पापा बनना भी कहा आसान है?

माँ संस्कृति संस्कारों की अध्यापिका हैं

तो पापा व्यवहारिक बुद्धिमत्ता के परम गुरु

इन दोनों के सहयोग से ही तो होती है

हर व्यक्ति के जीवन की यात्रा शुरू

माना माँ बनना मुश्किल है

पापा बनना भी कहा आसान है?

अगर माँ ब्रम्हाजी का स्वरूप है

जो जन्म दे इस सृष्टि में लाती हैं

तो जग पालक विष्णुदेव सी भूमिका

पापा के कर्तव्य की पहचान हैं,

माना के माँ बनना सच में मुश्किल हैं

पर पापा बनना भी ….. ‘कहा आसान हैं??’


11 thoughts on “Papa, Appa, Baba, Daddy…..

  1. Very nice.Each person has a different role to play in making of a family.There has been so much written about the importance of a mother but a very few have commended the role of a father in making of a good ,sweet and successful family.

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    1. Thank you Vishal 😊 I really feel and mean each word of it. Usually the thought is that parenting is very difficult for a mother but I genuinely feel it is equally challenging, demanding and overwhelming for fathers too just in a different way.


    1. Parenting is done by both the father and the mother but usually fathers aren’t spoken about or appreciated openly like a mother is. By this poetry I have just tried to convey my thoughts that it’s a balance maintained by both.


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