“ONLINE CLASSES” – An effective solution or a deceptive eyewash ?

Online classes”, how important are they really in serving the purpose of education or are they just a gimmick, a way for the school to keep demanding fees? I am sure while bearing the brunt of lockdown and facing all the challenges that this phase of Pandemic brings along, the undertaking of the complete responsibilities of household chores with no help, no parlor, no kitty parties, no get together, just nowhere to step out and go for a breather, this question would have crossed the minds of many that whether these online classes are appropriately compensating the absence of attending a “school”? After all what is the teacher doing apart from conducting a two – three hours online video calling session after which there is a lot of burden put on the parents, right?

The parents now have to ensure that the child understands it all without any actual tuitions to attend or classrooms to go to. The superwomen at home who is already multitasking with cleaning, cooking, laundry , care taking, work from home office assignments, meeting office deadlines has now got to go another extra mile to fit in as a “teacher” as well for her child.

That’s the “mother- parent” side of the story what about the “teacher-parent” side of it? I have suffixed the term teacher with the word parent too as obviously in addition to the long to-do list of what all a mother at home does, the teacher has also to ensure to prepare herself for conducting the classes online, check emails/submissions, prepare answer sheets/PPTs for children’s guidance and reference, and while doing all this she also has to ensure to be around as a mother, as a “parent” for her own child, who too is learning online from his/her school teacher. Now turning the table, when we look at it like this, it doesn’t really sound all that simple and quick, does it?

This new normal of teaching online is much more demanding for the teachers than what it appears to be. The sudden adaptation to the situation, the innovation in imparting education, the mode of functioning only online, how smoothly and quickly the teachers moulded themselves as per the need of the hour, this transformation of teacher-student relationship is commendable indeed.

The role that they are playing in our children’s lives is absolutely beyond words to appreciate, for these online classes are the only thing which has kept our children feeling “normal”, connected to the world, where they see their friends and teachers again and which has given them the faith and confidence that during these difficult lockdown days, just like their parents their teachers too won’t give up on them and will hold their hands, even though it’s virtually and stand by their side to help them sail through these testing times and to keep their morale and confidence high enforcing the positive thought into their mindset that , “ No ! this is not the end”, the future is not all dark and bleak, that there will be a normal life and that we shall find solutions together emerging victorious against all odds and problems and together we shall all overcome all of this someday.

This quick and positive decision of conducting online classes is not only for safeguarding and ensuring the children’s academic advancement but also for reinforcing their faith in the institution of school which has been their second home for all these years, to build up and maintain their trust that even during the most difficult and uncertain times we do not quit on each other.

This too shall pass and until then it’s ‘a happy online learning’ with collective team effort of parents and teachers for the interest and betterment of our future generation, our pride, ‘our children’.!

11 thoughts on ““ONLINE CLASSES” – An effective solution or a deceptive eyewash ?

  1. Nice Article & online classes are atleast an effective solution to keep the mind / thoughts of kids intact and filled with positivity through all this.

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  2. Very true!! …otherwise kids are prone to be busy with tv n cell phones and video games….some do creative and skills development activities ofcourse…but it’s difficult for parents to keep the kids engaged in productive stuff all the time..

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