In Pursuit Of Happiness……..!

Whats the first thought that comes to your mind when you look at a smiling child or a beautiful flower or a deliciously tempting favorite meal or maybe a naturally scenic place ?? It’s “wow” ! Right? A feeling of happiness that the sight of these things bring around in you. On the other hand what feeling does a rotten, stale thing or the sight of garbage, dirt or an unhygienic and unclean person bring about? It’s “yuck”!, a feeling of disgust? Isn’t it?

Now this feeling of either happiness or disgust came around in you because of the way you feel and the way your mind chose to respond to it, don’t you agree?

Any person, situation or circumstance can only be responsible to trigger a feeling or emotion in you but ultimately the way you respond to it is completely a reflection of your personality and mind.

The attractiveness of the flower or the beauty of the nature or the happiness in the child’s personality was not dependent on your approval or on how you will feel or react to their qualities, they are as they are, beautiful and pleasant in their raw original selves, and that is precisely why they are appealing and attractive to everyone.

In a relationship, it is not uncommon to see people complain about the other that he/she is the reason for ‘my unhappiness’, ´my anger’, ‘my dissatisfaction towards life’. Do pause, ponder and reflect comparing these statements to the example of your response to a beautiful and an ugly sight to understand and decipher what i intend to convey.

Your key to your happiness and your response to any situation or a person or a thing always lies within you..! It isn’t beyond your control unless and until you yourself give up on you !.

The more you sulk, complain or point fingers, the more unhappiness you will bring around in your personality by your own actions and thoughts and by doing so what image do you get of yourself? Is it beautiful or ugly? Pause and introspect..! Now, if you yourself don’t like the image you saw, how do you think the unhappy person that you chose to become will be intriguing or appealing or attractive to anybody else interacting with you?

So my dear friend, work on yourself, focus on your well being, do whatever helps you to evolve and grow and choose wisely to bring around in you what you will respect and love and by doing so you will radiate around yourself the same spark, energy and aura.

To attract the right kind of happiness or respect from any relationship or any person, the first and foremost thing to do is to engineer your inner self to tune into the right frequency of thoughts and reactions. Distant your mind from negativity and unhappiness, stop complaining and comparing and always remember that your inner happiness will beget happiness in your life. Only when you love and respect yourself enough will you be able to find happiness in your relationship with others !


8 thoughts on “In Pursuit Of Happiness……..!

  1. Hi Ma’am, Again a nicely drafted article.
    There is a saying ” As you sow so shall you reap”. Things will happen to us good or bad, according to how we behave.
    Both emotion, and logical thinking have a role to play in helping us make positive decisions.
    Also in life well informed decisions and the balanced choices you make will result in positive consequences. Hasty decisions and poor choices will have negative outcomes.
    And a positive frame of mind can only bring happiness in life towards anything at any point of time in difficult situations also.
    A nice intended article..😊

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  2. So we grow..keep growing more into ourselves..some day we know it’s just all about positivity n inner peace.. anything that disturbs it..its not worth it!

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