Vo Daur Bhi Zaroori Tha, Yeh Daur Bhi Zaroori Hai..!

Time, it is the greatest teacher, the biggest healer, the truth reveler, the strongest of all..!

It’s the most valuable part of one’s life and yet many a times it’s the most taken for granted part too..

We always think we have ample of it but don’t really know truly how much it is..!

There are various phases of life that we all go through and grow through, each of this phase is important, distinguished and remarkable in its own.. precious beyond measure as neither the time nor the phase once gone ever return.. !

Here’s a poetry written by me woven around these beautiful phases that we see in our lives, that actually one day sum up our life..!

Narrated by me…😊
“जीने की परिभाषा”

24 thoughts on “Vo Daur Bhi Zaroori Tha, Yeh Daur Bhi Zaroori Hai..!

  1. Exquisite use of thoughts. Nicely put together. Reading this is just like going through some sort of ride wherein anyone can relate to their life from childhood to being an adolescent.

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      1. This and the previous post were excellently presented. You must have a very kind heart, that’s what is reflects in your words. Do keep up your soulful presentations in future too.
        May God bless you!


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  2. Very well written Sonali.
    हम पीढ़ी दर पीढ़ी, काल के इसी चक्र में घूमते दिखाई देते हैं – तुम्हारी कविता की पंक्तियाँ पढने पे इस एहसास की अनुभूति मुझे हुई 😊

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