Of absolute faith, strong belief and life…!

Today while I was preparing fulkas ( roti/Indian bread), my three year old toddler Soham came jumping and dancing to the kitchen saying ,”Mumma susu!!” ( Mumma I want to go to the washroom). Answering nature’s call amidst his high priority I-pad video watching, game playing, music listening activities is somewhere of the least importance until it’s almost uncontrollable and hence all the dancing around … Continue reading Of absolute faith, strong belief and life…!

The five letter magic word

‘Sorry!’- it’s the first word which probably confronts us with our very own, undiscovered ‘ego’ at a very young age. Ever seen a toddler/a child feeling offended and being adamant on being asked to apologize and say a sorry? I wonder sometimes, how does a human being who is of such a small age, with hardly any exposure of the real world, has some how … Continue reading The five letter magic word

Patzhad – Bahaar

The Government in its rightful endeavor to keep people grounded to reality has been repeatedly broadcasting the truth of the time that -“Lockdown gaya hai, Corona nahi” (Only lockdown is not imposed, Corona virus is still around as it was). In every phone call too Amitabh Bacchanji’s voice is reminding all of us that prevention is better than cure. Each day the newspaper has been … Continue reading Patzhad – Bahaar


समय-समय पर रिश्ते बनते हैं, अकस्मात् ही पंछी बन उड़ जाते हैं, ‘मिलना’ चाहें हम ख़ुद चुनते हैं, बिछड़ने पर नियंत्रण किसी का न रहे । जिसकी न की हो कभी कल्पना, अनुभव उसका हर रोज़ करवाती हैं, ये किताब नहीं ज़िंदगी हैं साहब ये अलग ही रंग दिखलाती हैं । सही-ग़लत, काला- सफ़ेद, भिन्न प्रकार हैं, हैं भेद कई, पर जीवन का आचरण है … Continue reading ज़िंदगी

Whom does mummy love more ?

My elder kid Mannan was a blessing in disguise, he still is. He and me share a special bond. He is the one who, with one look at my face, will know what my mood is. It is no secret that the relationship between a mother and a child is precious and unique. Any mother will readily accept with a smile that its not only … Continue reading Whom does mummy love more ?