समय-समय पर रिश्ते बनते हैं, अकस्मात् ही पंछी बन उड़ जाते हैं, ‘मिलना’ चाहें हम ख़ुद चुनते हैं, बिछड़ने पर नियंत्रण किसी का न रहे । जिसकी न की हो कभी कल्पना, अनुभव उसका हर रोज़ करवाती हैं, ये किताब नहीं ज़िंदगी हैं साहब ये अलग ही रंग दिखलाती हैं । सही-ग़लत, काला- सफ़ेद, भिन्न प्रकार हैं, हैं भेद कई, पर जीवन का आचरण है … Continue reading ज़िंदगी

Whom does mummy love more ?

My elder kid Mannan was a blessing in disguise, he still is. He and me share a special bond. He is the one who, with one look at my face, will know what my mood is. It is no secret that the relationship between a mother and a child is precious and unique. Any mother will readily accept with a smile that its not only … Continue reading Whom does mummy love more ?

Blended Shades Of Equality

Pink for me and blue for you, What’s the difference between the two? In dark or light, bright or pale, They are just colors, all the same…! So are the colors black and white, Who decides the beauty of its sight? It’s in your outlook, it’s in your view, It’s in the impression That you carry within you..! Not many of us would be comfortable … Continue reading Blended Shades Of Equality

My Buddy, My Friend

We cannot choose our family but our friends are the ones who come into our life through destiny and stay in our life by choice. Yes!, the only relation which is not bound by blood/law/benefit/motive/money and yet at times it’s the only one which passes the difficult test of time with flying colors.!! A partner in crime, a keeper of secrets, a support system, a … Continue reading My Buddy, My Friend

Family – The Irreplaceable Bond

Today morning while preparing lunch in the kitchen my mind was constantly working side by side on a list of the expenditures as it was almost the end of this month. The rent, school fees, light bill, phone bill etc which usually fall due in the first week of every month was being meticulously calculated as I was tempering the spices in ghee for preparing … Continue reading Family – The Irreplaceable Bond