Time- An Invisible Teacher

Time will heal when it hurts,Time will tell if it’s love.At the end it will take away your pain,It will show efforts never go in vain ! Time it is that helps one decide,Its with time that one turns wise.It is a teacher who does not preach,Silently through experience life’s lessons it will teach.Time is powerful, it is the one,No matter who you are time … Continue reading Time- An Invisible Teacher

सफ़र ज़िंदगी का…

किसने कहा तुमसे के ज़िंदगी ‘आसान’ होगी ? ये तो कभी गर्म धूप कभी ठंडी – ठंडी छाँव होगी, इसमें बारिश की सुखद बूँदें होंगी और रेगिस्तान की तपती लू भी, कभी पूरे होते सपने होंगे, कभी दिल में दबी आरज़ू भी, कभी मुस्कान भरी सुबह होगी, कभी आंसुओं से भीगी रातें, कुछ दिल से जीएँ क़िस्से कहानियाँ, कई अनकही अधूरी बातें, जैसा भी आएगा … Continue reading सफ़र ज़िंदगी का…

Life – A reflection of your choices

No ! life isn’t a puppetry show as projected by a handful few, nor is it a scripted drama where some director will give you a cue. Rather it’s seems like a virtual game where you survive by the skills you gain, no there are no free lunches in the world, for your victory you face the pain. To win over the challenges and hurdles, … Continue reading Life – A reflection of your choices

Idealistic, Pessimistic,Optimistic or Realistic, which one are you?

There is a quote which says that ‘the one who apologizes first need not be wrong always, it maybe that the person values the relationship more than proving himself right and the other person wrong’. Today I came across another quote online which read ‘For too much of my life I have apologized when I wasn’t wrong, all to make a situation better. I’m not … Continue reading Idealistic, Pessimistic,Optimistic or Realistic, which one are you?