Can I Be A Butterfly Please….

As toddlers explore the world and learn new words and observe things around them, they apply their imagination to everything and come up with beautiful thoughts full of innocence which never fails to leave a mark in the hearts of their families. Every child has some dream, some role model, some position they wish to achieve or what they want to become when they grow up. Like I remember one of my best friends used to say that she will become ‘Kabristaan ki heroine’ when she grows up, another one wanted to become a ‘bai’ (a house help) as she was obsessed with the idea of sweeping the floors. Her mother was very strict towards her hygiene and didn’t allow her to touch the broom back then. She used to come to my house and secretly play with the broom. It made her happy. All this was when I was in about class 4th or 5th.

When my niece Riya was about 5-6 years old she shared about her one such aspiration in her classroom conversation with her teacher. When asked what she wishes to be when she grows up she had instantly replied, “a butterfly!”

Now a days Soham, my three and a half year old younger one has come up with an idea of what he wants to become when he grows up. He wishes to become ‘King Kong’. “ Main bada hokar King Kong banunga”, is what he says! ( I will become a King-Kong when I grow up) And it doesn’t stop at this. ‘ Aur tu Godzilla banna mere bhai Mannan’, he adds to it for his elder brother.( And you become Godzilla when you grow up my brother Mannan) Conversations like these always bring a big smile on our face as elders. The innocence of a child is a reflection of God indeed. Me and my husband Vikram wonder what if life could really be as simple as this… ? That each one of us could become what our heart desires, something that makes us happy then be it Kabristaan ki heroine, a butterfly, a Godzilla or a King Kong.

Be what you want to be is what we modern day parents say to our kids when they are young but to trust their instinct and to provide complete support with absolute faith as they grow up is what will do wonders for them in years to come.

Of course the idea of becoming a butterfly or a King Kong is to be put away in the treasure box of precious memories to cherish for life but as they grow up and start believing in themselves, start aspiring to become something, to make their lives meaningful, let’s try to be a supporter, an encourager, their biggest strength instead of passing on to them our fears or doubts towards their dreams and lives as a concerned and worried parent.

“Let us be their encourager, let us be their guide, in a world full of challenges, critics and hurdles let us be their belief, their strength, in darkness their shining light!”


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