Idealistic, Pessimistic,Optimistic or Realistic, which one are you?

There is a quote which says that ‘the one who apologizes first need not be wrong always, it maybe that the person values the relationship more than proving himself right and the other person wrong’.

Today I came across another quote online which read ‘For too much of my life I have apologized when I wasn’t wrong, all to make a situation better. I’m not going to be that person any more’.(Quote by Samantha King)

For too long in my life I have stuck by the first quote but as I am aging, I do realize that it’s not the responsibility of only one person to make a relationship better or to make it work. It’s a two way thing. It takes two to shake hands, it takes two to hold on, it takes two to hug, it takes two to fight and make the relationship worse & it also takes two to work together and build a relationship into a beautiful one… it’s never the responsibility of only ‘one’!

One’s sole responsibility, I firmly believe, is first of all towards oneself. To tend to one’s own wounds, to walk one’s own path, to lead one’s own life and to keep one’s self respect intact. Rest whoever is willing to walk the path with you will automatically put in equal efforts to make the life journey a simple, peaceful and fulfilling one with you. Relationships are meant to build you, to make you stronger. Anything that is otherwise is just not worth the effort, the sacrifice or the time.

Life is too precious to turn it into a constant struggle, a constant competition, a constant battle, it’s not something you have to fight for and win from somebody, it’s not dependent on someone else’s approval for the other one to live, rather it’s a gift already given to one and all by the Almighty himself – The gift of life, the gift to live life right from one’s birth. Life is best enjoyed when it’s kept simple and real. We either make it or spoil it by our own choices and actions.

Stay blessed and have a beautiful and fulfilling life!!! ❣️


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