Dil toh baccha hai ji….

“Mummy aap Papa ko jaanu bulaate the??”, saying so Rahul, Seema’s 14 year old son started giggling. Her instant reaction at first was of denial which quickly turned into embarrassment making her cheeks turn red as she saw Rahul holding the greeting cards and letters which she used to send to her then ‘to be husband’ Vikrant during their courtship period.

“Oh ho ho… miss you and all you have written, really Mummy? Abhi toh papa kahi tour par jaate hai toh aap milanewale ‘ME time’ se khus hote ho”,teased Rahul again. She pulled out the greeting cards and letters from his hands and asked him to go and study!

Rahul had found these long lost and forgotten letters which refreshed so many memories of the past.

That night when Vikrant came back from office, after dinner Seema sat with him in the balcony. Sipping on her coffee she pulled out those greeting cards and letters. Going through those they both couldn’t stop smiling and giggling. It was like they had time travelled to the past, almost 20 years back! How time flew!

Vikrant teased her saying , “had Rahul not found these, you would never have accepted that you too were like this at one point of time! Filmy bollywood type”

Seema replied, “ yes, to be honest with you had I found someone else’s letters like these I would have quickly tagged the girl to be childish and immature. Really, like ‘miss you sweetie pie’ , ‘waiting to be with you darling’ and all, who speaks like this anymore?? Letters toh koi likhta hi nahi ab!”

Seeing it as an opportunity to pull Seema’s leg Vikrant retorted, “ you remember when Sunny changed his caller tune to a romantic one after his engagement, you were making fun of him saying how could he be so kiddish at the age of 30!”.

“Oh yes! I do, and I am sorry for being judgmental about it. I guess like each phase of life, courtship period too has its own effect on people and so no matter the time or generation it was or is, the language of love remains the same, sugar coated, silly, foolish, immature yet special and closest to one’s heart”, said Seema. She and Vikrant exchanged a warm smile and hugged.

“Waise bhi thoda bohot bachpana dil ko jawaan rakhne ke liye zaroori hota hai meri jaan!”, added Vikrant with the much intended stress on the term ‘jaan’ which he was using after ages.

Next morning as Seema woke up, Vikrant had already prepared her morning tea just as he did always. She smiled to herself as she prepares his favorite palak panner for his tiffin. Handing over his spectacles and car keys as he left for office, Seema waved him a goodbye with a smile.

The way of expressing the love they shared had evolved and changed over the years from ‘being said in words’ into ‘actions’ , but the feeling of missing of a heartbeat on listening to the word ‘jaan’ from Vikrant and the child like happiness and warmth it brought to Seema’s heart was just the same as it was almost twenty years back ! After all it is true, dil toh baccha hai ji, it always responds to love.


2 thoughts on “Dil toh baccha hai ji….

  1. Like every other relation, love also ‘evolves’ and takes a new form with passage of time. It takes deeper roots and sometimes just a simple glance between two people seems enough to express and acknowledge that love. Beautiful post 🙂

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