Finishing off my daily kitchen chores the moment I entered the room my first thought was “Oh God! what a mess!!” What have my kids done..🤷🏻‍♀️😤 Despite the weather being so cold, my younger one was dancing without wearing a pant and my elder one too didn’t think of making him wear one! Why do I have to do everything I thought but then instantly my focus changed and I saw both of them involved with each other busy doing this what I managed to capture.

Soham my younger one, was holding a gaming remote control in his hand and was pressing buttons and Mannan, the elder one was dancing merrily to let him enjoy the feeling and belief that he is controlling Mannan with the remote control in his hands. I don’t remember the small incidents of my growing up days with my siblings neither did our mom have any camera in hand to capture all of it like we do, but reflecting on the way we are connected at heart I am sure this is how God has blessed this bond to be for all.!

As both of them slept that night, I finished cleaning up the room and sitting next to them I thought that the room that I had entered during the day was messy but also in the same room were present two happy kids, laughing and living in the moment to the fullest. I thought to myself that there is so much tension, unhappiness, grumpiness and negativity around that we complain of and just like all of it there is also so much of happiness, positivity, magic and zeal to live around us, we just need to be open to receive it with our heart and mind and just with a small shift in our perspective any ordinary day can turn into a special one and bring a smile, isn’t it? 😄

#childhood #innocence #siblingbond #letsdancetogether #memoriesforlife #siblings



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