The Much Needed Hair Cut

Last Thursday was an ordinary day, just like any other day of the week. I completed my regular household chores as usual, sipping on my coffee I sat on the couch and spent some time editing a new article on my WordPress account. Suddenly the flash of a message on my mobile screen came across as a breeze of fresh air in my mundane routine. The message was addressed by one of the social media’s well renowned platforms mentioning that they would like to get in touch with me after having read one of my articles.

My excitement and happiness knew no bound, finally I was getting to move a step further in my recently chosen area of interest. I for one, have not been too social and being a stay at home mom I have been voluntarily too lethargic to keep up with the pace of the technological advancement of the world beyond the requirements of the age group that my children belong to.

Due to the encouragement of my son and my close friends I had finally stepped out of my shell and started sharing on social media platforms my articles, poetry and thoughts. The very instance when I saw that message on my mobile screen I knew that it was a possibility of my personal growth and ‘growth’, I have realized is still the most attractive and interesting phase as it gives you a sense of being alive, an opportunity of reaching ahead, meeting new heights, becoming a better version of your own self.

I quickly responded to the message and after a detailed conversation over the phone I was informed that I was formally invited as a guest for their upcoming online live show to be launched in two days.

Now if you step into my shoes, for a person who has metaphorically been a frog comfortably sitting inside the pond from the past 10 years, it sounded like an opportunity to jump out and see not only the surroundings of its pond but also to get an exposure of the big fascinating city that the frog had only heard stories of..!

So grabbing the opportunity I immediately responded with a yes..! They asked me to send on the email my recent photograph along with my other necessary details when I realized that during this long phase of lock down and corona outbreak, forget about a facial or manicure/pedicure, I had not even dressed up or looked at myself for good in the mirror beyond a minute !

” What has this phase done to us? “, I thought ! I practically wore my pajamas for 99% of the time in a day….

But now with the swirl of excitement that the message and phone call had brought into my life, I would have to look at myself in the mirror to evaluate my presentability and so I did ! Concluding that I needed a haircut for sure, the very next morning I got into a pair of jeans and t-shirt, wore my mask, hand gloves and goggles and off I went to the parlor to get a nice razor cut done..!

When I reached back home, beaming happily with my new hair do, I saw that the person conversing with me for the online live show had left a message an hour back stating that due to certain technicalities the live show has been postponed and she will keep me updated.!

My eyes welled up in tears as in a fraction of second it took away my happiness ! I felt like a child from whom his favorite toy had been taken away without his consent, only being grown up now I could not throw a tantrum to express my anguish.

When my husband returned from work in the evening, he noticed my changed look and complimented me for the hair style. I shared with him the entire account of the day’s occurrences and he cheered me up saying that, “it was a much needed haircut which wouldn’t have happened had it not been for that message and phone call…!” With him passing a few light-hearted comments along with a few motivating and much required compliments, the day concluded in the same normal routine manner but with a positive smile and a decision that no matter whether i would get the opportunity for the live interview or not, i would still dress up everyday, look good for myself and restrict the pajamas to only the “sleeping mode” ..!

Hope this article serves as a gentle reminder to all my lovely friends whose freedom of movement has been restricted due to the present Covid-19 phase to pay attention to themselves, to their personality and presentability, to get up each morning, dress up, look good for themselves as this phase is temporary and will pass away the way it came around but we will carry on and exist beyond it…!

Lets not give this phase the liberty to take away from us anything more than what it already has!. Till we all sail through it along with the “stay home, stay safe” slogan also embed in your mind to “stay healthy, presentable and beautiful” as well !! (P.S. – obviously read that as handsome for my male friends ! 😊)


28 thoughts on “The Much Needed Hair Cut

  1. Wow dear.. awesome write up ..penned down so beautifully and I actually could relate it to myself..we all are sailing in the same boat but as you said along with staying safe ..As you rightly said let’s keep the positivity around by keeping ourselves presentable which is so much needed! It does change your mood and your outlook and I agree completely! CHEERS 🤗😊

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  2. Nice article and written in a manner that it keeps the interest till the last word.
    Great work and moral in the end of the article by making everyone understand the importance of keeping your routine going in any circumstance.
    On a scale from 1 to 10, you’re an 11 as u have an extremely nice way of expressing things which keep the readers tied up to complete till the end.

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    1. Thank you Shweta..!! 😊

      Not only the haircut but the spirit to live normally and the motivation look beautiful not only for stepping out but also in our days at home due to this current phase is what I wish to inspire 😊


  3. Well captured thoughts into words…..although for us this will be new Normal…..our office may not open in the same way as it was. They have realized this is the best way to save on costs and get deliverables.
    Huge savings on electricity, canteen , house keeping etc.
    So it will always be WFH. So all new clothes are jampacked and not been out since mid Mar but nevertheless I will have a hair cut first and start wearing them home during my office hours at home… one feels good…😚Thanks for writing and reminding us to live🤗

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  4. So true ….If we stop taking care of ourselves we are letting the pandemic take away a lot more than health from us.Motivating article,loved it and glad to know that slowly but surely you are inching towards your goal at your own pace.Enjoy the journey!

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    1. Thank you for the comment Deepika.

      We don’t really know what life will bring next, pandemic has been an apt reminder from the universe to shake us well and to make us réalisé that life is not in grand occasions , it’s in daily events, day to day life, each moment of life is to be enjoyed and lived for our ownselves first..!


  5. Nice!!…. Feeling good within is very important!!…. When we feel good, we look good and vice versa :)….we really need to LIVE life rather than counting on what is out of our control or reach in this crucial phase of covid..

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  6. Timely and nice positive article .Let this pandemic not inhibit us or suppress our dreams in whatever way we want to pursue.
    Keep up the good work.

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  7. Hey Sonali, this is a beautiful presentation of words, and it is so true – grooming, salon, Feel good, dressing up, accept it or not these words are so close to a woman’s heart. These things are like mood lifters even on a gloomy day.
    I’m very happy to know about the achievements you are getting in your writing journey. May be this was God’s wake up call to remind you to be prepared. Long way to go deary.

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  8. This is best of your writings which had humour, suspense and flow of curiosity.
    Giving our happiness remote to someone is not completley correct.
    I am equally exited about the award you have acheived. Congratulations!

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