Down The Memory Lane Of Childhood….

There is a popular hindi movie song “Aa chalke tujhe main leke chalu ek aise Gagan ke tale, jahan gam bhi na ho, aasu bhi na ho, bus pyaar hi pyaar pale” from the movie Door Gagan Ki Chao Mein. Such a lovely song it is, such a beautiful composition of our beloved and revered Kishore Kumar Da. Whenever i listen to this song, i wonder, who wouldn’t be tempted to just hold his hand and follow him to this promised land of happiness, clear blue skies, with no worries, no sorrow, no troubles, with only pure bliss and happiness around…!

When i pause and retrospect, the song actually brings back the memories of my childhood days. The only phase of our life which is carefree in its true sense, with no huge responsibilities, its our precious “childhood”, the growing up phase where each thought and dream seems to be just within our reach and life seems to be a journey with endless beautiful possibilities.

Remembering one’s growing up days always brings a smile. Past memories have this inert quality of growing out of proportion and magnifying into a larger than life image of whatever one chooses to remember out of it. So whether it’s bitterness or sweetness, weakness or strength, pleasant memories or sadness, the mind multiplies it into many folds whatever one choses to remember….!

Reminiscing the lovely memories of my childhood and relating it to the childhood that i see around me today, I have penned down my thoughts here. Hope these take you back down the beautiful memory lane of your growing up days and gives you a few moments to recollect, relive and rejoice.

“Pyaara Bachpan”
Written and narrated by Sonali Bakshi
Dedicated with love to all my childhood friends.

पकड़ा-पकड़ी, पिट्ठू खेले,

खेले छिपन-छिपाईं,

साइकल के दो पहियों पर ही

जग भर घुमे भाई !

दो रूपये का पेप्सी कोला,

ढाई का समोसा

वो ज़माना ही अलग था,

प्यारा बचपन सलोना ।

जो सोचें सब कुछ मुमकिन था,

संभव था हर सपना,

रचनाओं में “सूरज” चाचू

“चंदा” मामा था अपना ।

रामायण, महाभारत आती थी

हर इतवार सवेरे,

हर घर का माहौल यही था,

मिलजुल सब साथ ही देखें ।

मोगली, बगीरा और बल्लू संग

शेर खान को हराता,

शक्तिमान ही एक्शन हीरो था,

दुश्मनों को मार भगाता !

सर्कस, फ़ौजी, नुक्कड़ आते,

हम पाँच भी साथ में लाते,

दूरदर्शन, ज़ी के मनोरंजन ही

सबके दिल को लुभाते ।

अब छत्तीस चैनल टी.वी पर

चलते चौबीसो घंटे,

फ़ेसबुक, ट्विटर, टिंडर,

इंस्टा ऐप है रंगरंगीले ।

फिर भी न जाने क्यों हर ओर

एक ख़ालीपन है खलता,

हर हस्ते चेहरे के पिछे

अनकहा दर्द छिपता ।

ना थे लैपटॉप, टैबलेट, एक्स-बाक्स,

मोबाइल वाय-फाय भी नहीं थे,

विकल्प न थे जीवन में तब इतने,

अनगिनत साधन अब जीतने।

पर उसी कमी में संतुष्टि थी,

दिल को अफ़सोस नहीं था

अनमोल है यादें ज़ेहन में तब की,

प्यारा बचपन सादगी का ।


10 thoughts on “Down The Memory Lane Of Childhood….

  1. Very well written bhabhi ji
    nostalgia is refreshed
    Specially that particular line
    जो सोचें सब कुछ मुमकिन था,
    संभव था हर सपना,

    Liked by 1 person

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