Be Careful My Child

It’s a ‘usual’ with humans, I don’t know why !

They know it’s harmful and yet they will try.

The cigarettes, drugs n beer it’s tempting, oh yes! oh dear,

It leads to sickness they know, but with thrill they choose to go.

They say it’s cool

but they make themselves a fool,

For sheer happiness that’s temporary

They play with their lives without a worry

And at the end it’s their own loss

Before they know its a lost cause.

What could have been disciplined and beautiful

Had they chosen to be responsible and careful,

Not to smoke and not to drink

Be proactive, exercise and think

Taking a pause before they decide

The direction they choose for their lives,

How cool their lives could really be,

Without the uncool addictions you see !

So be careful my child,

do think,

Say NO to addiction

without a blink.

– Sonali Bakshi



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