Fasting makes your marriage secure, does it?


With a lot of mixed reactions and messages being expressed for the festival Karwachauth, I couldn’t help but agree to one thing that fasting subject to the fear of loosing one’s husband in the event of a slightest mistake is probably not relatable nor such highly insecure thought process is required.

But, there is so much more to the celebration of this day which one cannot deny. There is expression of love and gratitude from the life partners for each other. Women putting in the extra effort for looking their best, celebrating their status as a married woman, praying for a blessed married life and a long life for her husband, men expressing their love and appreciation by giving her the time and attention that she truly deserves. Gifting need not be jewellery or diamonds, we all know that, even though getting it would definitely bring a bigger smile 😉😄.

Marriage as we all know, is a huge life long commitment and demands a lot of selfless sacrifices, devotion and dedication. Life partners somehow fail to express their gratitude and love for each other in the daily routine. A small gesture of appreciation on a special occasion definitely goes a long way to make the bonding stronger and the journey together worthwhile. One may also say why we require Karwachauth for it, it can be any day and everyday that one chooses it to be. Yes, it can be but that doesn’t render Karwachauth unnecessary.

We can criticize it as much as we want, making it a gender equality/inequality issue as well, but putting all the anti-ritual, extra progressive thinking aside & without dissecting the essence of the day into how right or wrong it is, if just for a while, we look at the day as a day of celebrating a woman’s marital status, a day of appreciating the bond of marriage, a day when a woman removes some time for ‘herself’ to get ready, to dress up traditionally, to feel good, to have a happy loving glow on her face, then probably the day is not that bad either, right?

Fasting or not is definitely a matter of choice and I too do not believe that by fasting one can change destiny/fate or increase/reduce one’s life, but I do believe that we attract from the universe whatever we think and so if on a special, designated day we put in all our positive energy to ask for blessings for our marital life, I do believe the universe will gladly reward us with abundant blessings and happiness that we desire.

Happy Karwachauth to all my beautiful friends. May Lord Ganesha keep all the difficulties and problems away from your life and bless you & your life partner with a happy and fulfilling life. 🤗🌷💕


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