Now a days one of the hashtags trending on social media is ‘couple challenge’ ! A challenge to post a picture with your spouse.

Many people have sportingly participated in it posting some beautiful pictures for all to see. On the other hand there has also been a lot of trolling on it questioning how come posting a picture with your own spouse is a challenge??

Honestly I think the tag should be changed a bit to something more appropriate like ‘couple bonding’ or ‘couples love’ or ‘for each other always’ as through all the ups and downs, good and bad phases, happy and challenging days the one person who stands rock solid by your side is your spouse, isn’t it? So why make it sound like a difficult task to share a lovely picture of yours captured with your life partner?

On a brighter and positive note it did make a lot of people go through their pictures, selectively looking for the best memory , the best moment clicked with their better half and in the process refreshing their thoughts of acknowledging and appreciating the presence of that one person who is always by their side, no matter what !

Dedicated to this beautiful husband-wife bonding, who are also referred to as ‘jeevansaathi’ ( जीवनसाथी) in hindi language is my latest poetry. Hope you enjoy it. 😊


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