My Buddy, My Friend

We cannot choose our family but our friends are the ones who come into our life through destiny and stay in our life by choice. Yes!, the only relation which is not bound by blood/law/benefit/motive/money and yet at times it’s the only one which passes the difficult test of time with flying colors.!!

A partner in crime, a keeper of secrets, a support system, a confidant , a loved one who will watch my back, the one who knows my mood by the tone of my “Hello” over the phone, all this and a lot more is what sums up for a ‘FRIEND’

Every year in the month of December I look forward to visiting my hometown Mumbai for one week. Its a refreshing and lovely time that I spend there when i meet my friends from school, junior college, law college and business management course mates. Its been 13 years now since I left Mumbai but a portion of my heart will always belong to it as there are a lot of lovely and fond memories of my growing up days spent there with my friends and each year with my visit we add another chapter to our cherished moments spent together.

In the present times of ongoing pandemic none of us can visit our friends, can’t catch up for a drink nor go to the coffee shop together to celebrate our friendship, but even with the imposed restrictions on our actions to expressly show our affection towards each other, we all know that the warmth, love and care in our heart for our friends cannot be changed nor taken away by any difficult phase that life puts us through. By my experience and opinion as such ‘distance’ was never a criteria to decide the depth of one’s attachment in friendship.

Here’s my poetry dedicated to all the beautiful bonds of friendship that exist in the world which makes us believe that in this journey of life we are blessed with lovely companions called friends to share our life with and to make memorable moments together.


Through good and bad, through dark and bright,

Through every phase, you held the light.

You guided me, you did look out,

Whenever I needed, you were always around.

A shoulder to lean on, a hand to hold,

An understanding heart, without being asked or told.

To fight for my victory, to cheer me up on gloomy days,

To have you by my side, I am blessed my heart says .!!

You have been loving like a sibling, like a parent who commands,

Like a teacher, a mentor, whatever life did demand !

Even though blood doesn’t relate us, nor are we tied in a legal bond,

Yet I know you are my 2 A.M. call, for when I am in trouble you will never let me fall.

And even though we live our lives, through our chosen different trails,

Are caught up in the chaos and somehow learning to sail,

We don’t really meet much often, nor keep talking all the while,

We are connected through heart, although we are apart by miles..!

This distance hasn’t really changed us, this fact makes me glad,

We can gossip and laugh, pass comments and chat.

With you there is no pretense, I can be me in my true sense,

I know I won’t be judged nor expected to pass some test,

To prove my worth or to ask for respect.!

Blessed I am to have a friend like you,

Lucky indeed to experience this bond so true.!


17 thoughts on “My Buddy, My Friend

    1. Nice poetry…again nicely drafted the true meaning of a friend.
      There are many in our lives ..but yes we do realise that who are the true ones and our real friends..
      And your article/ poetry defines them very well.

      Again Kudos to you ma’am 😊☺️

      Liked by 1 person

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