My husband DOES NOT complete me

Cutting their 25th marriage anniversary cake together Pradeep and Smita’s eyes gleamed with happiness. It had been such a long journey together. All eyes were on Smita as she took the mic to address the guests. Her lovely one piece dress complimented her shape. She did look stunning and breathtakingly fit for a mother of two. As she thanked each and every person who made … Continue reading My husband DOES NOT complete me

A Gift That Paved The Way To A Woman’s Heart

It was Mahesh and Priya’s anniversary today and over the lunch all his colleagues were pouring in ideas about the gift Mahesh could give her to make it a special one today. “A fine piece of jewelry will be nice”,said Subhash to which Mahesh jokingly retorted that he would have to sell his kidney to buy one given the sky piercing price of the gold … Continue reading A Gift That Paved The Way To A Woman’s Heart

Fasting makes your marriage secure, does it?

KARWACHAUTH With a lot of mixed reactions and messages being expressed for the festival Karwachauth, I couldn’t help but agree to one thing that fasting subject to the fear of loosing one’s husband in the event of a slightest mistake is probably not relatable nor such highly insecure thought process is required. But, there is so much more to the celebration of this day which … Continue reading Fasting makes your marriage secure, does it?

मेरी विदाई

सात फेरे लेकर, मुझे कन्यादान में देकर, बेटी से बहूँ बनते ही मेरी विदाई हो गई, जिनकी थी मैं राज दुलारी, प्यारी बिटिया, लाड़ों रानी, बनके उन्हीं की आँखों का पानी क्षणभर में देखो मैं पराई हो गई ! पापा कहते थे मैं हूँ प्यारी गुड़िया आँगन की चूँ-चूँ करती चिड़िया, उनके जीवन का मैं हूँ अभिमान, मुझमें ही बस्ती है उनकी जान । माँ … Continue reading मेरी विदाई