Fasting makes your marriage secure, does it?

KARWACHAUTH With a lot of mixed reactions and messages being expressed for the festival Karwachauth, I couldn’t help but agree to one thing that fasting subject to the fear of loosing one’s husband in the event of a slightest mistake is probably not relatable nor such highly insecure thought process is required. But, there is so much more to the celebration of this day which … Continue reading Fasting makes your marriage secure, does it?

Shalu, Rahul aur Social Media

FOMO- Fear Of Missing Out , the feeling of not belonging to the league, the fear of being left out incase one doesn’t fit in, merge with, gel in or follow the trend. This is one of the biggest drawbacks of the present day social media world of which we all are an active part. Our day starts with a hoard of ‘good mornings’ from … Continue reading Shalu, Rahul aur Social Media

Saat Phero Ka Saath

लेकर सात फेरे हमने वादे किए,रस्मों -रिवाजों से हम बंध गए,पर क्या ये मंडप, पंडित, कुछ घंटों के मंत्र-जाप हमें सच में बांध पाएँगे ?एक दिन का मिलाप है जो अब हम उम्र भर निभाएँगे ! क्या सच में मुमकिन है सिर्फ़ सात फेरों सेदिलों का एक पल में मिल जाना?मात्र सात फेरों से ही क्या तय होता हैजीवन का सुखमय होना? या दिये संग … Continue reading Saat Phero Ka Saath