Satya (Truth)

There is your truth and there is my truth. As for the universal truth, it does not exists . – Amish Tripathi, author of the Shiva Triology सत्य एक पल में दिन है कहीं, दुजे ही पल में रात, गर्मी से तपती धरा कहीं, कहीं बरखा कि बौछार! दोनों ही सच्चे अपनी जगह, दोनों की अपनी छाप, जो सभी सत्य है अपने आप में फिर … Continue reading Satya (Truth)

Your Life Is Not Everyone’s Cup Of Tea

Now a days there are various groups on the social media where one can share their business options, their achievements, their personal problems, insecurities, concerns with parenting etc and the other members in the group are free to give their advice, inputs and suggestions. Reading through one such posts I came across a women’s personal concern in which she shared her details and asked for … Continue reading Your Life Is Not Everyone’s Cup Of Tea

Acceptance- The First Step To Recover

15th June, 2020 Depression, a “hush-hush” word which even though any of us or our family member might be going through, no one really would want to admit or share, out of the sheer fear of being socially judged and looked differently at. There are people and families who quietly endure the suffering only to avoid the social stigma and maintain a “normal, acceptable image’ … Continue reading Acceptance- The First Step To Recover