मेरी विदाई

सात फेरे लेकर, मुझे कन्यादान में देकर, बेटी से बहूँ बनते ही मेरी विदाई हो गई, जिनकी थी मैं राज दुलारी, प्यारी बिटिया, लाड़ों रानी, बनके उन्हीं की आँखों का पानी क्षणभर में देखो मैं पराई हो गई ! पापा कहते थे मैं हूँ प्यारी गुड़िया आँगन की चूँ-चूँ करती चिड़िया, उनके जीवन का मैं हूँ अभिमान, मुझमें ही बस्ती है उनकी जान । माँ … Continue reading मेरी विदाई


Each house has a crockery cabinet, where is placed the neatly kept, nicely maintained ‘Crockery set’ costlier than the rest of the utensils in the household, maybe a tea set, a dinner-set or crystal bowls used for special occasions. For Reema it was her fine bone china dinner-set. The golden rim work on the borders of the white plates and bowls were her favorite. White … Continue reading OH MY PRECIOUS BONE CHINA…..!

In Pursuit Of Happiness……..!

Whats the first thought that comes to your mind when you look at a smiling child or a beautiful flower or a deliciously tempting favorite meal or maybe a naturally scenic place ?? It’s “wow” ! Right? A feeling of happiness that the sight of these things bring around in you. On the other hand what feeling does a rotten, stale thing or the sight … Continue reading In Pursuit Of Happiness……..!

Whose fault is it anyways ?

Have you come across someone who has gone through a broken marriage or a difficult relationship, had a miscarriage or is still finding it difficult to conceive, is still single or is going through any other such ‘not so fortunate’ experiences of life on their personal front as seen through the eyes of the society…? So the first thought that crosses one’s mind when they … Continue reading Whose fault is it anyways ?

I am not a “working woman” anymore…!

Last week i happened to catch up with a long lost school friend of mine. Thanks to the advancement of the technology, the world has become much closer and accessible, at least virtually i mean. So our conversation started with catching up on the details of our junior college, graduation, professional accomplishments coming on to our present state of being a “housewife”. Usually the first … Continue reading I am not a “working woman” anymore…!