The Monkey And The Cat

Said the monkey to the cat,

“Why do humans look so sad?, no more playing no more fun, are with life they really done?”

Said the cat to the monkey, “Oh ! Life isn’t over you stinky, it’s the virus that scared them to hell, left with no option they are hiding in shell!”

Confused the monkey asked,

“Is this temporary or a permanent task? So how long will they hide? Someday they will have to step outside. Will the virus then attack? How will they then save their back?”

Said the cat in a very wise tone,

“ It’s really up to them alone, either they fall in line and learn from their mistakes or it’s their lives that are at stake! Vaccinate themselves they must or one day they all will turn to dust. And till vaccination can be completed, preventive precautions is what’s strictly needed. They have no option this time you see, the demon called pandemic is killing them already!!!”

Said the monkey with an afterthought,

“What my experience with humans has taught, they are no losers they will survive, till their last breathe they will fight. They will defeat this demon for sure, against this virus there will be a cure ! This pandemic will end one day, humans won’t go extinct they are here to stay! For their future generation they will surely improve, won’t be irresponsible they are no fools.

“Hmmm….!” The cat replied, “ I think this time you are right!”

“After all, they aren’t as naive as animals, claim to be supernatural creation of God, they say they are most capable. I am sure they will not let their own children down, they won’t make them sad nor let them frown !”

My dear human friend, the cat and the monkey along with your children and children from all over the world are looking up to you. We didn’t improve or learn from our mistakes in the first wave which eventually led to the second and now the second will lead to the third which, as the doctors say, will cause maximum harm to our children. Whether that will happen, how soon it will happen and how much damage it will cause depends on how much discipline we follow, how well we stick to covid appropriate behavior and how soon the vaccination is completed. Let’s work together as a team to save our own selves. Each individual matters, each life counts!


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