What’s your form of meditation ?

2nd June, 2020

“Writing” in my opinion is like meditation. In that instance when a writer is creating something of eternal existence, even though his mind is bustling with energy and ideas, his soul is calm, free, happy and relaxed for the simple reason that its basking in the light of freedom, “the freedom of expression” that it longs for. He pours out his heart in the process of creation and in those moments when he is creating, he is in complete unison with the energies of the universe for that’s what the universe does too, it creates.!

For some people it’s the actual form of meditation that works, the calm posture, the focusing of energy and mind to one particular point, chanting, praying, feeling one with the Creator, with their God. But meditation according to me has many other forms and unsaid, unidentified, unconventional names too, like for instance it might be cooking for a person whose love of life is to cook, painting for a painter, composing music for a music composer, reading for a book lover or gymming and weight lifting for a body builder. The process of Creation in any form is always beautiful. My thoughts are based on logic and rationality that the purpose of meditation is to gain control on one’s mind and to curb the tilt of mind towards negative feelings, to divert and train the mind to focus on the positive and brighter side of life and that’s precisely in my opinion what any work of creativity, any work that one is passionate about does for that person.

Maybe that is the reason why we see that for some people age is just a number, they keep evolving and growing, don’t give up on their passion for life, continue their work endlessly and through it keep adding value to the lives of many, for them their work is their first love, their best form of meditation that keeps them going strong.

My meditation is my writing, what is yours?

Hope you enjoyed reading my post, looking forward to your views.

Happy Reading 😊


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